Monday, November 24, 2008

Robber bees?

For the most part, there has been little activity around the hive. Just a few bees coming and going. So I was surprised to look out today and see a cloud of bees, hovering. I think it was a squadron of robber bees. They were all facing the hive, and there looked to be pitched battles in progress at the entrance.
The hole is the original one the bees had been using, so I'm assuming they had it pretty well sealed so they could defend it. (It's just that little knothole where you can see bees gathered. The area above it is shaded by the rug.) There are no other access points.

Some time later, things had quieted down again. I don't know who won the battle, really.


  1. This is all so exciting... And inspiring too. I wonder if I can have bees in my city? TBD.

  2. Fascinating stuff. I need "Bees for Dummies" or something. What are robber bees trying to rob?

  3. I think your bee scene is different from our bee scene in northern New England. It is all so interesting, and I can't beelieve (sorry) they are still so active.

    Rick in VT

  4. I bet that is the only blog bee battle I'll ever see- that's some serious bee action there!

  5. Pam, maybe? Are chickens allowed?

    Betts, I think there is such a book, too. The bees are trying to steal the honey. If they succeed, they can bump up their own chances of surviving the winter, while dooming their rivals.

    CEF, I wish!

    Rick, it was around 65 and sunny, so the bees were quite comfortable. (We have a lot of nice days here even in winter.) I'll bet your bee scene isn't much different.

    Thanks. Lucy. My fingers are crossed!

    JGH, there are a bunch of beekeeping blogs out there, but I haven't started exploring them too much. I envision a serious time-sink.