Friday, November 28, 2008

Brilliant planning

My car needed a new center differential. What better day to have it fixed than Black Friday? You get a chauffeured ride to the mall and don't have to deal with parking.

If you're going to be stranded, you might as well get your Christmas shopping done.

Oh, and the car repair is under warranty.


  1. That was either good planning on your part or a dose of good luck.

  2. Fighting for parking spaces on Black Friday is a real drag. I don't know what a center differential is, but I hope it's not too serious :-)

  3. Betts, a little bit of both! The car needed fixing, and I figured today would be the best day to do it, knowing that the dealership would give me a ride to the mall and pick me up.

    JGH, it's a $1,000 repair, but it was under warranty, so not a big hardship.

    The mall parking lot was completely gridlocked when we left.

  4. I read this fast as "My CAT needs a differential."

    And my first thought was, "I didn't know she had a cat!"

  5. you're definitely a 'glass is half full' type! Glad you enjoyed the mall, I've realised I'll have to avoid it for now, just too much hassle! I bought my husband something online and thats about it for my xmas shopping!

  6. Rooie, not yet, anyway!

    Mimi, I would've cried if I had to pay for the whole thing!

    Jenny, we made the best of it. Mostly didn't shop, but had lunch, got our nails done, drank coffee...