Thursday, November 06, 2008

The collector

I was hoping I could persuade Blogger to let me show this list at full size on this page, but my attempts to hack the coding failed. It's a little more complicated than the image-swapping I do on the What is it? posts.

So you'll have to click on it to see it at a semi-legible size. It's a little blurry and badly stitched, but you'll get the idea. (Gah. Had to reconfigure it to get around apparent image size limits, too.)

This is just a teaser. I met a neighbor who has the craziest house you ever saw, but I'm not happy with the photos I took. Some of the closeups came out fine, but the light was not good for capturing the overall effect. So I need to go back early or late in the day when the shadows aren't so harsh.

Stay tuned!


  1. Well, your friend is a LOT more organized than I am...but then I don't even have my piles listed. Perhaps someone in the house plays on eBay?

    I really liked your photo of the jars...way cool.

  2. I can't wait to hear more about it. I'm guessing this is someone that grew up during the Depression. It's a generation of packrats.

    My husband and I have been intrigued by your photo swapping technique in the "What is it?" series.

  3. I love your blog and made you a widget:

    Take a look! Add it!

  4. No jars? Or perhaps she collects enough bottls to keep all these collectibles in. Does she know what she has or is she surprised when she sees something that she didn't know she had collected? I'd be like that. :-D

  5. Rulers? Perhaps a child of a Catholic education?

    *sigh* At least there is someone out there that makes me look positively spartan in my style.

  6. That's so impressive! Is she particular about the items she collects or is it that anything goes (e.g., postcards - from a certain place/time period or anything)?

    I'm also just really happy about that list. I like that it includes things like "dumpster stuff" and "books" but also goes into the different types of books: little books, stephen king books, golden books, etc. :D I LOVE people with collections!

  7. I was thinking bobbly-heads...but I'm willing to be illuminated.

  8. Omigosh, that's quite a collection! My eyes bugged out a little when I saw "peewee herman," lol.
    As for your image, try entering the tag in compose mode in blogger manually:
    (less than)img src="" height=1600 width=783(greater than)

    I hope it works! It is a tad large, though :) You could also check out how the valid source URL works out at

  9. Mary, everywhere! Wait till you see it.

    Beverly, the organization is what makes it awesome.

    Joanne, I didn't see any around, so I guess not!

    Betts, could be! But it's a little more than that. The image-swapping is easy if you know HTML. You upload two photos, then swap the URL for the second into the HREF for the first.

    Mimi, that's what I said.

    Hi Widget. That's an interesting gizmo. Is that genuine love or spam love? It's kind of hard to tell ...

    Manisha, it's a he! I think he's pretty clear on what he's got where.

    Titus, maybe those freebie yardsticks from state fairs.

    Kasey, we didn't get into the particulars of individual items on the list, but I would say anything goes. And I think the books are pretty neat, too!

    Lisa, I think Titus has it. I was thinking bobbleheads, and Google confirms.

    Thanks, Manggy! I tried messing with some of the sizing within Blogger and swapping around URLs, but it wasn't coming out well, so I just bagged it and did the easy hack. I'm going to play around with it some more and see if I can solve the riddle. Thanks for the link; it hadn't occurred to me to look there.

  10. Now I have a genuine reason to attend a State Fair!

  11. Fab-U-lous! There's nothing more uplifting than a true eccentric. And Betts, I must disagree a tiny bit: my parents grew up in the depression and were indeed accomplished packrats but unfortunately I, not a child of the depression, inherited the disability. I've seriously thought about attending meetings of Clutters Anonymous (cluttering is a little different from packratting but close enough). They have meetings here in the DC area. I imagine a room full of really interesting, but oddball, people.

  12. Correction: that would be "clutterers" not "clutters."

  13. Titus, no excuses needed!

    Pam, I found that moving helped. All the clutter from the old house is still in boxes in the garage. It'll go away eventually.