Thursday, November 20, 2008

Double the fun

Political correctness doesn't extend to firefighting jargon, I guess! I amused myself with the thought of sneaking back in the dead of night to cross out "Siamese" and add "conjoined."

Mom's coming to visit, so I was tidying the house and getting the car detailed today. I may be scarce(r) in blogland for the next week or so. But I suspect I'll have time to toss a photo or two your way. I know we've got some good eating planned!


  1. Conjoined! HAHA! Have fun hanging out with Mom!

  2. Thanks, mimi!

    Duck, it's a double-headed hydrant, like Siamese twins. But the politically correct term for the latter these days is "conjoined twins."

  3. That darned un-PC fire department. Kinda weird that we both had fire department related posts today.

    I'll miss you multi-post, prolific posting. Have fun with mom.