Sunday, November 23, 2008

Apple peeler-corer-slicer in action

I was making yet another apple cranberry cake, this time so Mom could try it, and I thought I'd test out my camera's video capabilities.
You put the apple on the prongs and turn the crank. The spring-loaded peeler takes the skin off in one long strip, the core gets pushed through the sharp ring, and a blade below the ring slices the apple. The width of the screw threads determines the thickness of the slices. The device comes with two screws, with thick and thin threads, that you can swap out easily.

If you have a lot of apples to process, it's well worth the purchase. Mine's from the Pampered Chef. It clamps onto the counter edge (I have to use it under the dishwasher mount, since the lip of the counter is too short elsewhere). There's also a kind you can get that uses suction on the countertop. I don't know how it compares for stability.

They run less than $20 and are available from Amazon and most general cookware places.


  1. Wow, how cool is that! Definitely not a silly kitchen gadget. I makes me want to go out and buy a bunch of apples just to use it!

  2. I love the apple corer, peeler, thing-a-ma-bob! I also loved your fig commenton my blog! You made me bust out laughing!!!! Hilarious!! A SIL that gives a figg......ha ha ha...

  3. lol!! your video is hilarious as is your display of the apple slices like a deck of cards. i love it.

  4. We bought one of these in Vermont five weeks ago. And just figured out how to make it work. Our initial attempts were hilarious but did not result in anything resembling an apple or slices thereof in the end.

  5. Wow, that's really slick! I'm going to get one before next fall - it would make applesauce production a breeze!

  6. I'd say your camera's working great -very clear and color and sound all good! (what is that music in the background?) I gotta get me one of these apple gizmos.

  7. I love this except I have very little space to store it. Funny!

  8. It's one of the best gadgets I ever bought. I ahve the Pampered Chef one, too.

  9. Marina, having one makes it very easy to indulge in a crate of apples!

    Thistledew, glad I could give you a chuckle.

    Pink, pick a slice, any slice!

    Alecto, too funny. You've got it working correctly now, I hope?

    Zoomie, it will pay for itself in very short order.

    Thanks, JGH. YouTube makes it a little jumpy, but it seems to work. The music is Iron & Wine. (I'll have to look up the song title later.)

    Lisa, it's fairly flat, so you could probably hang it from a hook inside a cabinet door.

    Betts, isn't it great? I don't like to say it's a single-use gadget since it does three things so quickly and efficiently. Works on potatoes, too.

  10. Your video is great. Really, it is, but I say that because I tried to get a video of mine peeling an apple and it was a disaster.

    That said, always love my apple peeler. It is especially useful for processing a lot of apples in short order.