Monday, December 15, 2008


Yeah, well, the fun never ends here at Casa de los Congelados.
We picked up some electrical heat tape and insulation for the toilet pipe. The Sergeant would've installed it for me, but it turns out he can't get into the crawlspace at all. Much less around the bracing that Pascal put under the tub. (And let me tell you, I have new-found respect for Pascal.)
So here you see the toilet pipe heading up into the wall. I attached the heat tape as high as I could, then ran it down to where it meets the cold water line, over to the tub, then back along the hot water line and over to the cold again. The sensor is that orange bulgy bit on the right.
Once that was done, I wrapped the whole shebang in insulation tape. When the sensor detects a chill, it turns on the heat tape.

Just that little bit took me about two hours, mostly one-handed because the space was so tight. I am cursing those old-timey homebuilders for not leaving enough space to even sit up in.

And in case you're wondering, the low was -19. The previous record for this date? -6.

Oh, for you Celsius people, that's -28.3!


  1. All of a sudden I'm very glad I live in southern CA. If you need a break from frozen, come visit!

  2. Quite ingenious. Heat tapes...interesting. I agree. I think this may be a real possibility in my future. Is this sold as a product or a kit where you live?

  3. We all feel your pain, Kitt, and many of us have been there -- insulating, tightening, thawing, etc.

    With all due respect, Vicki, I wouldn't live in SoCal on a bet. In Colo, we have occasional deep freezes (Alberta Clippers, we call 'em) and occasional heatwaves. However, our wildfires tend to stay in wildlands, not in our suburbs; we don't have mudslides, and we're not really concerned about earthquakes.

  4. Thanks, Vicki! That's tempting.

    Ari, that's minus-28 in Celsius!

    Lucy, it's a useful device for problem pipes. You would need to buy the device, a roll of electrical tape, and insulation. Here's what I used. I'm sure you can buy similar products in Europe.

    Claire, thanks. Guess you're living in the right place for you. I envy Vicki her lovely weather and long growing season, though!

  5. And I have deep renewed respect for you! You've been heat-taping and insulating and thawing! All I've been doing is complaining! You rock!

  6. If I knew how, I would insert a picture of Rosie the Riveter here. You're doing a great job!

  7. I just typed my blog about 4 inches of snow and then read yours. I feel guilty. At 16degrees above zero it's quite balmy here.