Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deaf Child

This "deaf child" sign has marked this block for the 10 years I've known it and maybe longer. How old is that "child" now? I asked a resident who happened to come out as I was passing.

Turns out, there never was a child, really. The neighbors were frustrated by heavy trucks roaring at high speed up the street from a highway construction site. So one of them who has a deaf niece in Minneapolis who visits sometimes persuaded the city to put up the signs, in hopes that would get the truckers to slow down.

And did it work? I asked. No, not really.


  1. Sherlock KittBo at work! Clever neighbor too w/ a good try. Then again, who knows how many more trucks would be roaring by instead of slowing down if it weren't for the sign.

  2. I wonder how many of those sign are mildly bogus. Come to think of it, I know of a couple that have been around for years.

  3. It's very Boy Who Cried Wolf, though. Now that we know they can be fake, I'm just gonna gun it. So watch out deaf children!

  4. Claire, that could be ...

    Betts, I suspect most of them are legitimate, but then never get taken down.

    DG, only if you know. It never occurred to me that someone would put such a sign up for that reason.

    Alanna, it's certainly not a common one ...