Thursday, December 04, 2008

Two perspectives

Hell has Cerberus, the groomer has Buster.


  1. This is sweet. I like the idea of a guardian like this. Is Sophie afraid of cats? What's her natural reaction to them?

  2. Nice pictures. I love the pulled-back ears on the cat.

  3. Sweet photos. Each one is saying "What's THAT doing in my world?"

  4. I'm amazed you got both perspectives!

    Poor Sophie!

  5. I love when you post pictures of a kitty watching your dog. Something about them makes me smile!

  6. Hi Lota. Sophie would like to chase cats, but I put The Fear into her that if she does, I will be Very Angry. So she doesn't mess with them if she thinks I'm looking.

    Thanks, Molly. Buster's a nice kitty.

    Pam, I'm sure each side would be happy if the other disappeared!

    Manisha, she must suffer for her beauty, alas.

    Joanne, it's becoming a theme, isn't it? I took another one today that I'll post later.

  7. Is your groomer just a poodle groomer? I would like to find a good one closer to my house, that doesn't cost too much. My big dog is fluffy, and needs a bit of grooming here and there. I thought I'd get her spiffed up for Christmas.