Friday, December 05, 2008

Grooming report

First Sophie didn't want
to get out of the car.
Then she didn't want
to get back in.
The latter reluctance is because she now expects me to lift her in. I oblige her because of her arthritis. Luckily she's only about 42 pounds. The bulk you see is all hair.

Back at home she gave me the stink-eye when I asked her to pose for a photo.
But a marrow bone made everything better.


  1. Miss Sophie, you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! (Maybe your mom needs to get a ramp so you can get yourself into the car?)

  2. One of the things I admire about your blog is how interesting you make even the most ordinary things, like wood chipping and snowman sniffing. The photos range from fun (the two perspectives) to stunning (the dragonfruit). Thanks, also, for being such a regular poster and commenter. You rock!

  3. Sophie is ADORABLE! We have a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier who is approaching 12 years of age and only just recently, began waiting to be lifted into our CUV. He can no longer jump up into bed either, so every night, he is lifted in. Our other two are Brussels Griffons -- too small to jump into and out of cars and beds, so we're used to the lifting part.

  4. Kathi, Sophie thanks you. She would not use a ramp, though, as she suspects treachery in all new things. But it's easy enough to put her front feet in and then lift the back end.

    Thanks, Verna! I really appreciate that. I have fun with the blog, so it's nice that folks enjoy it.

    Thanks from Sophie, Peggy! She suggests a step for the bed for your wheaten and griffons. She was very suspicious of hers at first (see treachery note, above), but now she is happy to have it. It's just a carpeted box, half the bed's height and big enough for her to stand on with all four feet. I should do a post on that so you can see what I mean.

  5. Whoa, that's one heck of a stink eye she has. My youthful corgi can jump in the open hatchback if he thinks he's going to get left behind, but preferably waits for a lift into the car. Sweet pampered pets.