Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Snow shoveled

It doesn't really look like much, but what you see here is only a third of the total shoveling area. And the snow was wet. But I got it done.

Too bad it's still snowing.


  1. Oh, I don't like wet snow at all. Every year I swear we're going to hire a plow guy to come and handle the drive way but then we get it done and it's over. Our first snow this year is very dry and powdery and just blows off surfaces.

  2. At least you'll have a white Christmas. It's snowing here now, but it's going to warm up and rain. Bye-bye snow.

  3. eww... wet snow is horrid. Good work out though! Happy snow day!

  4. What a pretty scene! Did you run around yelling things like "Merry Christmas you miserable old savings and loan!" or "Merry Christmas Bedford Falls!"

    I'm such a dork.

  5. What a work out! See, this is why I love living in FL - no shoveling for us. Except sand. I think I would like to experience this once or twice. Or maybe just go visit a snowy town. If I'm ever in your area, put me to work :)

  6. You're lucky. I love snow! Of course, I only have a 17 foot stretch of sidewalk to shovel -- no where near as much as you have to do.

  7. Alecto, I am trying to do it myself for a while before I look into hiring someone. I don't really mind doing it, oddly. But there's a lot to do.

    Betts, can't say it will be a white Christmas! It was 64 here on Sunday, and could very well get back to that again. This batch will melt in a day or two. We rarely have snow last long.

    Mimi, I'm just glad it didn't snow much more after this! I just had to do a little touch-up shoveling in the morning.

    Ha, Mary! It does look that. I made the photo black and white because the long-exposure setting on my camera won't let you set white balance, so everything looked orange.

    Jenny, I'd gladly give you a shoveling job or two!

    Julie, it's definitely a chore. But at least a long stretch of sidewalk faces south, so it melts off pretty quickly instead of turning to ice.