Friday, December 12, 2008

Tree of lights

An art supply store I pass on my way home from work does up this tree like this every year. I don't know if they just leave the lights on it or restring them every year. That's a lot of lights! But I love the effect.


  1. That's gorgeous!!! :) Seeing christmas lights makes me so happy.

  2. It looks like the trees at the Botanical Gardens (Chatfield) light exhibit.

  3. There was a man in Stamford who used to just wrap the trunks of three large trees in his front yards. He wrapped them good and tight, just like this one. In any event his house was on a long winding road without street lights and when you drove up that road those pillars looked like they just came out of nowhere and were some of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. Of course after that he did up his entire yard and house including a giant 'Happy Birthday Jesus' sign in lights on the garage roof that stayed up all year and then that was the end of that (but it was good while it lasted).

  4. I work at a large university with a central alée down the middle and they wrap all the trees in white lights from around Halloween to February or thereabouts. They could probably give some kid a scholarship for what they pay to get those lights done every year but hey, they're still really pretty.

  5. Kasey, they do lift the spirits, don't they?

    Blue, simple but complicated! That's a lot of wrapping there.

    Beatrice, I need to get down there to see it. Maybe this weekend.

    Alecto, that sounds gorgeous. The first part, at least!

    Deneph, are you doing lights on your place?

    Lisa, it does seem mighty pricey to redo them all fancy every year. But the return on lifted spirits may help justify it.