Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Team players

"Psssst, co-worker."

"Yes, co-worker?"

"You and I are the only team players around here."

"No kidding! Or maybe nobody else got the memo."

"By the way, I like your outfit."

"Thanks! Likewise!"

(In fact, the identical ensembles were completely unplanned. I love that even their hair is sort of matchy. For more examples of the psychic office memo, click on the Office Memo tag.)


  1. wow... it's even the same shade of red! That's creepy!

  2. There's something really weird going on there. Do you think there's something in the water.

  3. I million years ago, when I worked for Swissair in NY, I had a dress that was a gray sleeveless knit on top w/ a double tow of silver buttons on the bodice, a black skirt and red, black, gray and white sash. So did one of my coworkers. The first warm day of spring when I worked there, we both came in wearing it. It looked like the dept uniform. We laughed about it all day, and after that, consulted in the afternoon when one of us considered wearing it the next day.

  4. Same thing happens at my job way too often - it's usually more neutral (black shirt, blue jeans), but when you get 10 out of 20 people, it's kind of creepy.

  5. Mimi, people were doing double-takes!

    Betts, or in the ventilation system.

    Claire, that's a pretty specific outfit! How funny.

    Vicki, I think it's kind of inevitable, like the chances of people having the same birthday. X number of people happened to grab a green shirt that day ...