Sunday, December 14, 2008


Late Friday afternoon, the Sergeant and I made a visit to Treeland.
I got my tree there last year, too. This year they seemed a little lower-budget. Not much in the way of gussying up the place, which is a big empty lot also used for selling chiles in the fall, bedding plants in the spring, and occasionally golf carts in between.
I suspect the guys who run it are carnies in warmer weather, too.

We wandered around for a bit, happy not to be battling the crowds that would likely be there over the weekend, and quickly settled on a little Noble fir.
It's great having a roof rack!

And even greater to have the tree all set up and decorated. It's a smaller one than last year, but I managed to squeeze all my ornaments on it just the same.
What kind of holiday decorating are you doing this year?


  1. No tree here (being Jewish and all), but yours looks excellent, esp. in front of that lovely window.

  2. So pretty! We do a little nostalgic decorating and some modern. I hope to post a lot of Christmasy stuff this week, but I have sooooo much to do. Guests start arriving a week from tomorrow.

  3. Hey, Sue, thanks! No Hannukah decorating? I was trying to be inclusive by saying "holiday" decorating. ;-)

    Thanks Betts. I'm sure you're going a little crazy with prep!

  4. This weekend I put up Christmas lights in the living room windows, made Christmas and Kwanzaa paper chains out of construction paper, and built and decorated gingerbread houses! Oh, and made some sugar cookies! Whew, I think I'm all set now!

  5. Very pretty tree!
    I still have to buy one - maybe tomorrow, if the blizzard's not too severe!