Tuesday, December 09, 2008


It started snowing in the early evening and was coming down pretty steadily. It seemed like a good time to take some pictures of the Denver City and County Building all decked out in its holiday best. (Click the photos to see them larger.)
When you're doing a long exposure, you can play around with the lights by jiggling the camera.
Because I was in the center of Civic Center, turning 180 degrees got me this snap the Colorado State Capitol.
It's a pretty night, and the snow's still falling. I'm just procrastinating now – I have to go out and shovel.


  1. beautiful photos... I love light trails in pictures!

  2. Gorgeous! We did something similar with sparklers last year with a long exposure. The sparkler holder quickly drew something in the air during the exposure. Good, cheap fun.

  3. Noice! (as an old time country Vermonter might say).

    Rick in VT

  4. Great pics! Too bad they can't just leave it lit like that, it's pretty.

    I seriously need lessons on taking pics at night, I'm failing.

  5. Pretty! Looks like the bees got into the camera :-)

  6. Thanks, Mimi!

    Betts, that's a cute idea.

    Much obliged, Rick!

    Deneph, the main thing is avoiding jiggle. In this case, I used my gorillapod and the self-timer.

    JGH, ha!