Monday, December 15, 2008

Clever giftin' gadget

Once again I've got something clever instead of silly for Silly Kitchen Gadget Monday. But 'tis the season for this one. You may have seen Inovent's Giftwrap Cutter for sale at Bed Bath & Beyond. Probably other places carry it, too. It's about $8, as I recall. And if you've struggled with cutting gift wrap neatly and in a straight line, it's pretty darn handy.

What sold me on it was my love of the kitchen plastic wrap that comes with the little slide-y cutter thingy (speaking of kitchen gadgets, sort of). Really, I want to hug whoever invented that. Or make them some cookies.

To operate the giftwrap cutter, you fold open the roll stand, pop out the cutter from its slot, place your wrapping paper on the stand and slide the cutter across in the groove. Easy!
It makes a nice, straight cut, saving you time and hassle. And because it folds up short and flat, it's easy to store.

So if you've wondered whether this gadgets is silly or smart, my vote's on the latter.


  1. You know, I liked the plastic wrap with the zippy cut thing as well but Jim hasn't bought it since. I suppose I should just pick some up myself but it hasn't come up.

  2. I haven't seen that plastic wrap! I'm still on the mega roll I bought at Smart & Final, the one where the end keeps slipping down into the box so you have to unstick it every time you want a piece.

  3. I want one!! I guess it's a little late for this year though. Make I can pick one up for 50% off after x-mas.

  4. "Really, I want to hug whoever invented that. Or make them some cookies."

    That was me, I invented that. Need my address?