Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Motion to table

When I moved more than a year ago, I tried to sell the nice antique dining table I'd bought in South Dakota. I was asking $200. But I just got flaky responses on Craigslist, the best offer being, "Forget all that negotiating crap. I'll give you $100 for it. Take it or leave it." I didn't bother responding, and moved the table into my garage.

Fast forward to my finally getting my act together to post it again, last night, late. Within minutes I had a response from a guy who just moved here and bought a 104-year-old Victorian house.
He showed up on time today, loaded up the table and paid cash as requested.

Are you as surprised as I am?


  1. Not when you get the right buyer, regardless of the economic times. And it looks like he got a good bargain. When you buy furniture, it is crucial to get it right. If not, the stuff tends to malinger for years, like a bad cough. Get it right, and it is a joy forever!

    Rick in VT

  2. We had a table just like that but I can't remember what happened to it. I t was very solid and had gears in it.

  3. ooh! Love the serendipitous moments in life!

  4. Very pretty table! The feet look like Duncan Phyfe :)

  5. What a beautiful table! Sounds like it's going to a good home.

  6. Frankly, I think you're nuts for selling it. I certainly hope you didn't replace it with some meatball-slathered nightmare from IKEA!

  7. Rick, it was a good deal, but the table was scratched up a bit and needed some TLC. The extra leaves were perfect and the hardware solid, so it will be nice for him and his wife to have.

    Peggy, I've seen those geared tables. They're pretty cool!

    Mimi, I'm just glad there was no flakiness involved!

    Jenne, you've got it. I advertised it as "Duncan Pfyffe-style."

    Joanne, that's what he said!

    Har, DG. I don't have a place for that table since inheriting my great-grandmother's inlaid mahogony table that can seat 20 when all the leaves are in. The one I sold was made of plywood by kindergartners by comparison.

  8. I don't have an identical table but similar Duncan Phyffe-ish ones. They're not for sale, but I'm glad you sold yours and happily to the right kind of house.

  9. Claire, they're a pretty shape, aren't they?