Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All you need is love

One aspect of beekeeping I don't intend to explore: artificial insemination.

Seriously. Who knew?


  1. A farm up the road does donkey insemination. I actually got to see donkey semen through a microscope. You should see the fake female donkey they use to get the males to perform.

  2. Where are the little teeny tiny Playboy magazines?

  3. Mary and Alecto and Mimi, amazing, isn't it?

    Betts, that made me laugh! You have to get a photo.

    Pam, you mean Playbee, yes?

    Lisa, you can get drone semen by mail order, too!

  4. That contraption would scare me away too. Afraid to ask what the fine print says.

  5. JGH, click on the picture. You can see it larger and read that fine print!