Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fine groom at The Lime Room

Just when I was thinking "I should probably get a haircut," a postcard arrived from Anne, my fabulous stylist, saying she'd moved to a new salon. Good timing! She had been at her former salon for 12 years and felt it was time for a change.

Luckily the old place was one of those co-op salons, where stylists rent a smaller space within the larger salon, which provides all the necessary facilities, cleaning and laundry. So there was no drama over "stealing" clients when she left, and she had all my contact info. (If you've ever "lost" a stylist you like, you know what agony that can be.)

The Lime Room is run by a couple whom Anne used to work with. It's small and bright and new, with, of course, lots of pretty lime colors. And it's even closer than the old place. I can get there in less than five minutes.
Anne always does a great job! She took this picture of me, and Lisa took first one.

If you're in Denver and need a good haircut, give Anne a call at The Lime Room Salon.

The Lime Room
618 E Kentucky Ave
(at Pearl Street, two blocks north of I-25)
Denver, CO 80209


  1. This is off-topic from your current post, but I am thoroughly jealous of your goat milk share. I stumbled upon your blog from Smitten Kitchen and the more I read about your milk share the more I wish we had something similar in MA. Good luck with your future cheese and ice cream making endeavors.

  2. So cute! She does a good job.

    My hair girl has been doing/cutting/etc. my hair since 1996. She was a high school student of mine at the time.

    She now makes more money than me, cutting hair. I am NOT kidding.

    She's wonderful. I know the feeling. Yours does a great job!

  3. Thanks, Kelly! I'll bet there are places there where you can find raw milk. You might ask on Chowhound or Yelp, if those sites have active membership in your area.

    Thanks, Kelly and Amy! I first saw Anne when she did my hair and my friend Jenny's for Jenny's wedding, maybe seven years ago? I always go too long between cuts, partly because she cuts so well that it looks good for a long time.

    That and I'm not very fashion-conscious.