Sunday, August 31, 2008


One problem I ran into last week with the new camera was filling up the memory card faster than I was used to. With more megapixels, each photo is a larger file size at the highest resolution. I knew I had a couple more 1 GB memory cards somewhere. It was just a matter of finding the right box.

Yes, there are still boxes. But all of them are in the garage or the office closet, awaiting some day of reckoning. Probably not this week.

Meanwhile, I'll be making some cheese soon. Several big bags of goat milk had to come out of the freezer to make room for 50 pounds of marrow bones. I also ordered an 800-count bottle of glucosamine capsules on eBay. I tell Sophie she has to live at least long enough to use up all these things I buy for her.

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  1. You talk to your dogs just like we do! Always telling them things they have to do (whether the things are under their control or not).

    Luckily for you, SD cards are really cheap these days. With the high megapixels, you might want to invest in a 4 or 8 GB card. Less switching. I see really cheap ones in the Sunday ads sometimes, as come-ons for the big-box office supply stores.