Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A sense of perspective

Wisconsin and the Great Lakes:
Door County:
Sturgeon Bay:
I'm about a mile and a half (a pinkie's width) north of the canal on the lake side. Right this very minute.


  1. Aren't these online maps amazing? It's also a little creepy because with very little effort you can look at someone's yard and house and general surroundings from a shockingly close vantagepoint. My daughter was living in Burbank this summer on a street that has those 360 views of the street. It was almost like I was stalking her.

  2. I'm waving, db!

    Pam, my house is on one of those streets and it is indeed a little creepy. I know exactly when they shot it because the neighbors still had a for sale sign in their yard and the old German shepherd was still there.