Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'll never catch up

Leave town for a week and this is what happens: 823 unread blog posts in my reader.

Will I ever catch up? Should I even try? Or should I just grit my teeth and "Mark all as read"?

I hate to miss all the good stuff out there. But today I need to go see about fixing my camera or buying a new one.


  1. I feel your pain. I now travel w/ my laptop whenever possible so that I don't get too, too far behind.

  2. Even traveling with laptop didn't help here. Surfing on dial-up just wasn't feasible. And besides, the beach was calling!

  3. welcome back home! i'm sorry the airlines were screwing with you :( but it looks like you had a great time.

    i too had a gazillion posts to catch up on... um - quick browsing and only read the ones that are too good to miss!

  4. Just popped along to see another picture of your beautiful mutt and wasn't disappointed!

  5. I agree with Jen... quick browse the ones you KNOW you can't miss and you can catch up some other time! I'm sure all of us bloggers don't mind!

  6. Hey I did you a favor then! I went on a break before you went on vacation! Hee!

  7. What is this reader thing? HOw do I not know about it? Hmmm, I always seem to be behind on the times....

    I will say that you were missed in bloggy land. As queenbloggy I must say that I thoroughly enjoy your presence in my kingdom, and I love visiting yours equally as much. Welcome home.

  8. Thanks, Jen! Your trip looks like it was great fun, too.

    mob, she wishes she could remain anonymous (hates the camera) but then she appreciates the admiring comments.

    Mimi, slowly but surely ...

    Good timing, Manisha!

    Thanks, Summer! It was just impossible to read other blogs there because of the slow connection. You should check out Google Reader (reader.google.com). It's an efficient way to keep up with all the blogs you like, without having to check each blog all the time for new posts.

    If you go to "manage subscriptions" and then click on "Goodies," there are two buttons you can put on your toolbar: "Subscribe" and "Next." Makes it super-easy to subscribe (natch) and when you click the "Next" button, it takes you to the next new post on any blogs you are subscribed to. So I can catch up (eventually) just by clicking next, next, next to see each post in turn.