Thursday, August 07, 2008

Friends on the farm

Why is this rooster giving me the beady eye?
Perhaps he disapproves of his perch.
Stopped to pick up milk this morning. Lots of progress happening, with a big coop in the works for the rapidly growing biddies, plus the six or seven roosters. Some of them will go away.

Speaking of going away: Remember Lucky? I called him (un)Lucky because he was going to be barbecue most likely. But no, he lived up to his name and was sold to be a stud. He's got a good life now! A pure white LaMancha is apparently quite desirable.

Cutie got some good scritches from me today. She comes up and rubs her head on you, asking for lovin'. She deserves it. That goat puts out a lot of milk! So much so that the farmer's freezer was full.

Well, now my freezer is, too. This is only part of it. There are more bags on other shelves. I'm going to have a marathon cheesemaking session!

Plus, if you're looking for rennet and other cheese supplies in the Denver area, The Brew Hut on Hampden carries them. Their online store has no cheesemaking products, so I hadn't bothered calling them before. The farmer picked up all kinds of rennet and cultures there.

The Brew Hut
15108 E. Hampden Ave.
Aurora, CO 80014

W00t! Or should I say g00t!


  1. those pics are wonderful... all of them.

    i tried for 4 days to find sheeps milk but to no avail... not til spring '09 at the very least. not within 3 hours of me.


  2. Bummer! Would you consider goat milk? I'll bet that's available. (It's true I haven't heard of anyone selling sheep's milk around here, either. But I haven't looked.)

  3. Making up for lost time on your blog...definitely Lucky for that cute white sweetie! Looks like you'll be up to your eyeballs in cheese soon...