Saturday, August 09, 2008

Table in a bag

I saw this "table in a bag" at Crate & Barrel (while scouting silly gadgets) and felt strangely drawn to it. Clever idea! It's probably not new, but it's new to me, and nicely designed (though a little pricey for me at $40).

Not that I do much picnicking, but I think it would be great for taking to a concert in a park or car camping. Maybe that's what draws me to it; not so much the thing itself as the activities it represents. Kind of like a picnic basket, but more likely to be used regularly.

Do you have a picnic basket? Do you use it? Would you use this table? And what for?


  1. I dont do much picknicking but I have a table like this, although its aluminium, not wood, and its more useful than I ever thought!

  2. Yes, we have a nice big picnic basket and we do use it but we don't have a cool table like that. Luckily, most of the parks we frequent have tables.

  3. I have *2* picnic baskets, and sadly, I've never used them.
    If I had that table, I would use it to serve wine and cheese at Shakespeare on the Green here in the summertime :)

  4. I have five picnic baskets. One I actually use for picnics. :)

  5. A few years ago, my husband bought me/us a picnic backpack for Christmas. It comes with a big compartment for food for two, an insulated sleeve for a wine bottle, a corkscrew, and two melamine plates in a pretty pattern, flatware for two and two attractive napkin. We fantasized that we go up into the foothills for evening hikes and picnic. We fantasized that we would do this "a lot." In truth, we use it once or twice a year when we plan a picnic at Chautauqua Park before a concert -- usually with friends.

  6. Jennywenny, that's what I suspected. Does yours roll up?

    Zoomie, I was thinking of some of the manky park tables I've had to deal with. (Of course, a tablecloth takes care of that.)

    Jenne, that is exactly what I was thinking this would be perfect for. A summer theater or music festival.

    Dani, what do you use the other four for?

    Claire, that's a good use for a picnic pack, though it's nice to think that someday you'll take a hike with it, too.

  7. We have a picnic basket we don't use. It's pretty but all the stuff in it leaves no room for actual food. I think it was a wedding present. We have a roll-up table (from C&B but it's aluminum) that gets used for car camping. I love it.

  8. Heide, that seems to be how many people end up with them. I'll have to investigate the metal version that you and jennywenny have.