Sunday, August 03, 2008

Raspberry goat-milk ice cream

I saved out three cups of Cutie's milk from the last batch of ricotta to make ice cream with the abundant raspberries in my yard. I used the same recipe concept as for the honey vanilla ice cream, as it doesn't call for heavy cream.

3 cups of whole milk (goat or cow)
1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar
vanilla bean (or a half)
3 cups of berries (or so)
4 beaten egg yolks

First I macerated the fruit in a tablespoon of vanilla sugar (the sugar my beans are stored in) and a splash of vanilla vodka (can't call it true extract yet). I heated the milk with half a vanilla bean, scraped, and the sugar, then threw in the berries. When it was steaming, I ran it through the blender, then whisked it into the egg yolks.

I don't like seeds in my ice cream, so I took the extra effort to force it through a fine chinois. That requires time and patience. The payoff is that all the seeds and berry skins stay behind.

What I was left with was a deep purple, smooth cream. Purple because many of the berries were tending toward overripe. (If you have any kind of fruit past its prime freshness, you can't go wrong by making ice cream with it.) I chilled it overnight, then put it in the ice-cream maker.

Of course, the ice cream came out purple, too. But really good. I think it could've used a tetch more sugar (I used less than half a cup) because I like things sweet. But it tastes very smooth and berrylicious. If I were serving this to company, I would probably top it with berries macerated in a little more sugar, or mix them with sweet whipped cream. Maybe with some dark chocolate cookies on the side.
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  1. This looks soooo delicious and refreshing. I want raspberries. Alas, they do not grow on St. Thomas!

  2. Mmmm.... the color looks interesting,I definitely wanna taste some....

  3. Thanks, Peter!

    Mimi, I'll bet you have some other fun options using fruit we can't get here.

    Blue, it's a little shocking, the color. But it does taste good!

  4. It's a jillion degrees out right right. I'm look at your photos and reading about ice cream. I'm going into the kitchen as soon as I post this to eat some ice cream with fruit! Not as good as home-made, but A) I don't own an ice cream maker, and B) I want something cold and fruity RIGHT NOW! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Claire @

  5. I meant "right now" -- not "right right." I meant "I'm looking," not "I'm look." It's the heat. It's the new computer and the new keyboard with a typo in every word. It's the the kitten on the keys syndrome as my cat wanders between my eyeballs and the screen. It's the fact that I'm not yet eating ice cream and fruit.

  6. definitely have to try to order some vanilla from site you mentioned, but which one? I can never decide.

  7. ummm that looks sooo good. I'm coming to your house!

  8. It is mango season right now... perhaps you're right!

  9. db, it's definitely more granita-like, or like ice milk. Well, it is ice milk.

    Claire, you can always do a granita with a shallow metal bowl in the freezer if you don't want to buy an ice cream maker. Mine's a hand-me-down simple one. No electricity.

    mbp, any vanilla is good!

    Julie, just call first.

    Mimi, mango ice cream would be delicious!