Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some things I love inside the cabin

Bear with while I try to stretch out my vacation with a pictures I didn't get to post earlier. Here are some of the things that make the cabin special.

My brother and I used to bicker over who got to sleep in the window bed, until he got too tall to be comfortable in it. Small wonder that the window seat in my house was a big selling point when I first saw it.
The fireplace kept us warm on winter visits and on cool nights the rest of the year. (No one winters there now. When I was a kid we would haul our stuff in on skis and sleds; there was no running water and we had to use the outhouse.) I hardly remember what picture used to be over the fireplace. Mom's seagulls fit there perfectly now. On the mantel there's always a collection of interesting odds and ends. Candles, pictures, driftwood ...
The built-in shelves still hold an assortment of books from my grandparents' days. Including some Reader's Digest condensed books. Are those even printed anymore? And rocks with kids' names painted on them.
The door to the cabin is a Dutch door. You can open the top when you want a little air in the kitchen.
And the door handles throughout the cabin are of a style I've never seen anywhere else. If you need to "lock" the bathroom door, you can just stick a toothbrush on top of the bar to keep it from lifting up.
Have you ever seen door handles like these?


  1. Kitt, I grew up in a house with Dutch doors. Your pictures bring back my childhood memory!. I had door handles like that, unfortunately I have no picture of them.

  2. Oh my goodness that wooden latch handle is something else! I can image someone spending a rather enjoyable Sunday afternoon making that with some basic tools and good malt. I love the cabin. We have a nice cabin in the South of France so if you ever fancy doing a swap for a week?? give me a shout via the website. We are mad about handles (hence we found your blog). Here's a blatant plug for handles , hope you don't mind. All the best, Steve (Norwich UK)

  3. I love the cabin and I would fight over that bed too! I have seen bathroom latches like that (family farm house in the ozarks) but none of use were ever smart enough to think to put a toothbrush in the gap!

  4. I have a window seat that doubles as a bed, too - heaven on one of the few hot nights we have here in NOCA.

  5. What a cute cabin! My Grandma had a dutch door going out to one of the rooms (former garage). I don't think they ever really closed the top though.

  6. i've never seen door handles like that before. and i love the Dutch door.

    but the paneling? looks just like what my grandparents had in their kitchen/den. nice to see it.

  7. Blue, where did you grow up? I wonder if Dutch doors and such handles are typical of a certain group or area.

    Hi Steve! They're very simple but effective handles. I'm surprised you haven't seen them before, given your business. A place in France, eh? I'll check with Mom!

    Alecto, with siblings who don't knock, it was a solution born of desperation.

    Zoomie, aren't window seats the best?

    Julie, I think they're an underused design. Very useful!

    Maya, yes, it's pine paneling. Good stuff, not cheap like most people think of when you say "pine paneling."

  8. Kitt, I grew up in Indonesia. Dutch occupied the country for 350 years. It makes sense doesn't it?

  9. It does! I wonder why the idea never really caught among any other group.

  10. Kitt, i know I'm surprised I haven't seen those too. Over in the UK we can get all types of handles in metal but as for wood the choice it's limited. Anyway, a rather dry subject. I better be quiet now before you fall asleep! yawn...