Monday, August 25, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 18

Maybe you tea-drinkers can explain this one, because I can't figure it out. If you make tea with a stringless teabag, or add anything to your coffee or tea, you need a spoon. That I understand. And at first it seemed kind of cute and clever to me, this spoon that is bent so that it can be hung on the lip of a cup.

But think about it. Would you drink your tea with the spoon still hanging there? I don't think so. You'd risk it falling off into your lap, or dripping tea on your nice white dry-clean-only blouse. Probably right before an important meeting.

So you'd use it to fish out the teabag and stir your tea (or coffee), and then you'd set it on a saucer or napkin just as you would any ordinary spoon that doesn't have a bendy bit and cost $5.

So ... why?


  1. Maybe for carrying a couple of mugs of tea from the kitchen to somewhere else, not being able to manage a tray and not wanting to stick the spoons in your pocket. Just a theory -- and not one that I am advocating.

    Claire @