Sunday, August 17, 2008

Still stuck

I'm still thinking of pretty things, such as this cedar waxwing in silhouette at dusk. They're not very common, in my experience. I was shocked and delighted to see a flock of them in Denver once, at Chatfield Reservoir.
I'm amusing myself as well with memories of the crazy uncles and their pyrotechnics Friday night. That was supposed to be just a preview of Saturday's extravaganza, but Mother Nature put on her own display instead, with thunder, lightning and a downpour.
Today's 12:40 flight was oversold. They stopped adding names to the standby list when it hit 60. For the 3:30 flight I was No. 9 for standby. I think two people got on that one. There's another flight at 6-ish. I might have a chance there.

I used to wonder at the people who traveled with full pillows. Now I think they're not so crazy.


  1. Oh, that really sucks about the flights being so oversold. Jeez. That's a great picture of the fireworks, though.