Saturday, August 02, 2008

Late-day harvest

The weather widget on my computer says it's still 90 degrees out at 9 p.m., but I think it must be a little cooler than that. I spent the last hour of twilight in the vegetable garden, weeding and planting a few of the seeds I got from Kenny. It was too hot too work outside any earlier, though I don't think it hit 100 today as predicted.

Soon I'll take Sophie for a long walk in the dark. She's been a poodle pancake on the floor all day, poor old dog.

Last night I engaged in some petty larceny and snipped a piece of caution tape that was hanging off a fence around a construction site. It wasn't actually cautioning against anything, just flapping in the breeze, waiting for me to come along and put it to better use.

I won't lose that digger now!

I also came up with a tidy little harvest:
Looks like salsa time!


  1. What are those cute little light green veggies nestled among the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers? Green tomatoes?? Nice picture!

  2. Hi Pam. Those are tomatillos. They're slightly tangy, slight sweet, and crisp. They're a staple in Mexican salsas and green sauce. You have to plant two or they won't set fruit, but once you have, they'll volunteer vigorously.

  3. Next batch, blue! I broke down and just ate 'em as a salad.