Thursday, August 07, 2008

I has teef

Sophie has been acting like her teeth hurt lately, particularly on one side. I can take only the briefest of looks inside her mouth before she starts to struggle and pull away.

So I thought I would get her working on a "Mutt-zerella" treat (I got a bunch of free ones at the Furry Scurry). Then I would take pictures inside her mouth while it was open and see if I could see anything.
It didn't work so well. The room was too dim, so the shutter stayed open too long for a rapidly gnawing dog. Plus she kept breathing on the lens and fogging it up.

I'll try it again outside. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Poor Sophie.... I hope you find out what's bugging her. I hope she gets better soon!

  2. I met a dog named Sophie yesterday and thought of you. I hope Sophie feels better soon.

  3. My dogs needed their teeth cleaned regularly - maybe she has some plaque?

  4. You might try forcing the flash. The burst of light will be faster than the shutter. Still might not work for all sorts of reasons. Good luck to both of you!

  5. Thanks, everybody. She's probably got a bad tooth, but I'm reluctant to do anything about it that requires anesthesia at her age.

    She's never had her teeth cleaned, actually. The vet has always looked at them and said they don't need it. She has better teeth than me, that's for sure.

    I considered flash, ellipsis (or is that "..."?), but the flash makes her very unhappy. Maybe it reminds her of lightning.

    We'll go in for a check up soon, probably.