Friday, August 01, 2008

Rennet is an elusive quarry in Denver

But I found some at last.


  1. Where did you find it? I thought I looked in every possible place!

  2. I'm so sorry I sent you on the wild goose chase to Vitamin Cottage. I bought mine at the one in Colorado Springs, so just figured they would all stock it. Wrong. A mail order source is and they sell a very nice little cheese-making starter kit that includes rennet.

  3. Hey, Dani, no, you didn't steer me wrong! This was indeed at Vitamin Cottage, the one on Wadsworth just north of Hampden. Thing is, it's the only Vitamin Cottage that carries it, because the store manager makes cheese.

    I had stopped at a couple of other ones that were more convenient, and called Wild Oats/Whole Foods and some cheese places with no luck. I finally got to this one today.

    Thanks much for pointing me in the right direction!


  5. Thanks, db! I will probably order some different cheese cultures online eventually, but anything I can find locally, I'll buy here.

  6. I ended up asking a traditional grocery store to order it for me. I've been told by the Wild Oats/Whole Foods people that they don't carry it because it's controversial (so I'm assuming now that all those lovely cheeses they sell are not made with rennet?).

  7. P.S. If you're looking for rennet and other cheese supplies in the Denver area, The Brew Hut on Hampden carries them. Their online store has no cheesemaking products, so I hadn't bothered calling them before. The farmer picked up all kinds of rennet and cultures there.

    The Brew Hut
    15108 E. Hampden Ave.
    Aurora, CO 80014