Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More sadness

I asked my neighbor today about my buddy Bruce, whom I hadn't seen for while. My buddy Bruce who always came out to me for petting when I walked by, and who wasn't afraid of Sophie (she was under strict orders not to mess with him).

Bruce who wasn't afraid of dogs was killed two weeks ago by the neighbor's dog.
I was already missing you, my little friend, and now I won't be able to stop missing you. Rest in peace.


  1. Sophie doesn't honor many cats with not chasing them, so...

    You were honored. You are honored.

    To catnip festooned field in kitty heaven! And very slow mice.

  2. Aww, Bruce. I'm so sorry. He looked like a cool little guy.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry. Hopefully he's now frolicking in fields of catnip in a world where the mice and birds are slow, it rains Pounce and the streets are lined with feathers dangling from sticks.

  4. I do hope he's in kitty heaven, if there is such a thing.

    Titus, Sophie's never forgotten the Voice of Doom. If I say "leave it" now, she does, though she's not happy about it.