Monday, September 01, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 19

Today's silliness comes once again from Chef'n, makers of such fine products as leaf shears and garlic rollers. Now, they do make some kitchen gadgets that I like, such as the one-handed pepper ball and the collapsible colander, but their better-mousetrap mentality goes a little too far with some of their gadgets.

This one is called the Fridge Fork. You attach the holder to a jar of condiments such as pickles or olives and use the fork to spear out what you need.

Because you know, sometime it's just too much effort to reach into a drawer to grab a fork.

Well, it's not really a fork at all, but prongs, which I guess means smaller holes in whatever you're fishing out.

Then what are you supposed to do with the fork? Put it back in the holder without washing it? Won't the fork, and the holder, get mungey pretty quickly? Ew.

But! It comes in designer colors: avocado, cherry (not shown) and meringue. And it's only $6 plus shipping.

Don't you want one?


  1. I'm gonna go with a "no, I don't want one" on this. I love pickles, but I just use my hand. Old school, maybe, but it works fine. For my pepperoncinis I use a fork, but I will wash it. Maybe it is useful for like a buffet or something...

  2. My Sweetie and I call these "solutions for non-existing problems". There are so many out there, we could be broke if we fell for them all. Thanks for sharing.