Monday, September 15, 2008

Dotty old dog

Sophie's getting a little dotty in her old age.
She can't see very well, she can hardly hear, and she gets confused easily.

But she has no trouble telling me that she has needs – NEEDS! – that are not being met:

Those needs include – but are not limited to – chicken jerky, Biljac, marrow bones or a long walk.

Luckily she doesn't do this all the time, and if she really starts to annoy me with this routine, it's not too hard to make her stop. I make her lie down and tell her to stay. Pretty soon she forgets whatever it was she was demanding. Her short-term memory just ain't what it used to be.


  1. "Oh, Look at Sophie" I said to the computer before I realized my poodles speak English. Both came running. She is adorable.

  2. I have the same short term memory problems... I walk into a room and forget why I'm there. I really wish I could forget that I want some ice cream right now.

  3. Oh, she is so sweet.

    Our Bronco was very anxious his last year or so. We gave him a small dose of Paxil, which helped, and then the vet switched him to Anipryl, which is for canine cognitive dysfunction.

    It seems wacky, I guess, but he was breaking my heart with his worrying. Sophie seems like a happy girl, but I thought I would throw this in, just in case.

  4. Did your poodles react to the video at all, mbp?

    Thanks, mim! It's an Indian ankle bracelet. Her "bling."

    Betts, it affects us all eventually, alas.

    Aw, poor Bronco. Sophie doesn't appear to need any psych meds at this point, happily. She's still pretty cheerful, if demanding.