Thursday, September 25, 2008

Benign neglect

A watched pot never boils, and a garden full of produce monitored daily never ripens. But go away for a few days and voilĂ .

Remember those "preemie beans," as Rooie called them? They grew up! I ate this handful raw as a snack at work. The tomatoes will be a salad, and some will probably be frozen. The cellini beans are starting to dry out on their vines. I'll have lots of beans for winter stews. And one fat green pepper that was actually sweet and not bitter. There are more baby peppers out there.

And yes, those raspberry canes are still providing my desserts.

Maybe I should take more vacations.


  1. nice haul.....funny that I was googled through that stiff boner...I still laugh about that....

  2. SO jealous of your veggies. I can't believe your "preemies" got so big!

  3. I'm jealous that your garden is still producing. Mine threw up it's leaves in surrender to fall. There are still a few baby bell peppers, but sadly, I think they will won't mature quick enough to make it to my crisper drawer.

    You're lucky you didn't go away for longer. You're grown up preemie beans might have turned into the beans that ate New York.

  4. db, the things people search for ...

    mimi, imagine if I'd left them another week!

    Betts, fall is coming here but the frost is holding off, happily. It's rare not to have at least one snow shower by now.