Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy reunion

If you drive east from Denver on I-70 and get off at Havana Road going south, you'll come to a stop sign at Smith Road. If you or someone you know has gone astray in life, you may be heading to the Denver County Jail on the left.

But if you turn right instead, you might find some old friends at another facility across the way.
I visited Denver Urban Farm today in search of my goat buddies. And I found them! Look! It's Cutie!
And Sweetie!
And LaFawnduh!
They were living with a number of other goats – including the little doelings whose names I never knew – in a spacious yard at the farm.
In another pen nearby I found James.
He was sharing quarters with a friendly sheep.
Another pen held pygmy goats, who looked like regular goats with really short legs.
The farm has ample garden plots, with a gazebo at the center for birthday parties. (The kids got a full tour, including some pony riding and animal petting.)
There were kids all over the place, working with the animals. Some of them were learning to drive.
Or giving the horses some exercise.
A pair of border collies were watching that with great interest.
The place had a lot of horses.
Some of the corrals had electric fences.
I learned a lesson about the fence with the draft horses, alas. I was reaching over to scritch the black one under the chin and my arm brushed the fence. We both got a shock! Oops.
A flock of sheep was out clearing weeds. Later someone came along and whistled. "Come on, ewes! Time to go home!" And the sheep all trotted off obediently to their pen.
There are also chickens out and about.
Some Brahman cattle (I think that's what the gray one was, anyway).
And even a toothy alpaca!
The folks working there told me I should come back on "goat nights" on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when the kids put all the goats on leashes and take them for walks. I'll have to come walk my buddies sometime!

I wish they were still at their old farm, but I'm glad to know they're in a good situation, unsavory neighbors notwithstanding. If you want to go visit them, too, the farm is open to the public from 10 to 1 on Saturdays, and by appointment other times.

Denver Urban Farm
10200 Smith Rd
Denver, CO 80239


  1. I'll take two of each: goats, cows, sheep, llama, horses, chickens... did I miss anything? Looks like a fun place.

  2. How fun! each animal seems to show their own distinct personality.

    I know those electric fences, for sure! Stay away!!

  3. Oh I am so glad you can visit your buddies again.

  4. I had no idea about that farm. I am taking Kira on Saturday. Seriously! What fun!

  5. Betts, I hope you have a big yard!

    Diane, it was certainly a surprise!

    Claire, maybe rain is in the forecast?

    Mimi, me too!

    Amy, have fun! I'll bet she'll love it.