Monday, September 29, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 23

While at the Viking store the other day I perused their assortment of kitchen gadgets and came across another Chef'n winner: the Grapefruiter. I should have taken a sideways photo of it, too, since I still don't quite grasp how it works, except as a glorified sharp-edged scoop. The little pictures on the package seem to indicate that the membranes on the segments magically come off, too, but I suspect that's not the case.

I found an illustration online of it in action. I guess it might be useful if you don't have full use of both hands. But for the able-handed, would it be any more useful than a sharp knife or a grapefruit spoon? The Amazon reviews indicate it also leaves a lot of pulp behind.

How many grapefruits would you have to segment regularly to make this $10 item a must for your kitchen?


  1. this segment (whoa is there almost a pun there) of your blog is freakin' hilarious

  2. Something tells me that it wouldn't matter how many grapefruits I had to section, I could do it faster with a knife. It looks too complicated to me, and no doubt it assumes that all grapefruits and sections are the same size.

  3. LOL! Hmmm. I would get more vitamin C that way, perhaps.

  4. Thanks, db! Good one.

    Betts, my thought exactly.

    Wendy, I'm sure there are easier ways.