Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tough dog

Meet Valentina.
She's one bad-ass Chihuahua.

Just the kind of dog to make you look really, really tough.
You're quaking in your boots, aren't you?

(She was actually very, very sweet.)


  1. She's so cute!! She should meet my Bitty--three pounds and meaner than a one-eyed snake! Really, it's just a Napolean complex due to being the runt.

  2. Cute pictures and I don't even much like Chihuahuas...

  3. awww she's cute! You should send those in to bet they would love the tough guy with the little dog lol.

  4. Awww. Here in the Bronx there are a lot more tough chihuahuas than pit bulls at our dog run.

  5. What a face! She looks like mine. I used to dislike Chihuahuas until I got one, now they're my favorite :-)

  6. I have mixed feelings about them. Used to not like them at all, but now I've met a few sweet ones. There's something to be said for a dog you can scoop up and take with you everywhere!