Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dumb and delicious

First the dumb: "Tropic Thunder." It had its moments, and the references to other Vietnam War movies were clever, but for the most part I just kept waiting for it to get better and it never really did. I went with a couple of friends, one of whom had seen it already and just loved it. We often enjoy the same movies, but not always. "Pulp Fiction" comes to mind. I know that makes me weird! Oh well.

Afterward, we were going to meet up with her husband and some of his friends at the Skylark, but found it packed and loud, with a band and a cover charge. The band sounded good, but we wanted to talk, so we toddled across Broadway (or rather dashed: "Rusty's in the club!" ) to Sobo 151, a Czech sports bar.

I was happy with my Czechvar beer (the original Budweiser, and so much better than the American), and a big bowl of sauerkraut soup.
The soup was hearty and delicious, with kraut, potatoes and kielbasa, and a dollop of sour cream on top.

Friend's husband thought the green chile was too mild, but I figured that's what you get for ordering green chile in a Czech restaurant! (The consensus was that Brewery Bar II on Kalamath has the best green chile; I'll have to check that out.) The fried chicken strips reportedly were tender but too breaded. I didn't get a reading on the burger or stuffed fish (flounder, sole or halibut; no one was really sure, even the waitress).

This isn't much of a review, is it? Well, I liked what I got, and enjoyed the '80s music. The service was good, too, and the soup was very affordable at $4.25. The Czechvar was $4.

Want to try Czech food? Then Czech it out yourself:
Sobo 151
151 South Broadway
Denver, Co 80209


  1. Oh, I wish I was in Denver! I miss the Czech food my grandmother used to cook.

  2. If I'm ever in Denver, I'll know exactly where to eat as long as I keep reading your blog. That soup looks great. I would love to try and make it if you could describe what the broth or base was like.

  3. Surely there must be a Czech place in your neck of the woods, Vicki? Big enough city ...

    Betts, come on down! I don't know what the broth was, but most like chicken (I'm guessing). Or maybe beef? Google Zelnacka, and maybe you'll find some recipes. I plan to, since I've got a honkin' big jar of homemade kraut in my fridge.

    It was mighty tasty, Wendy!