Friday, September 26, 2008

Picky, picky

Amazon emailed me to say I might be interested in this rock pick on sale, based on my previous purchases. The only connection I can see in my purchase history is a pair of Estwing safety goggles that I bought, oh, 10 years ago?

I'd never looked at my entire Amazon purchase list before (you can find the whole list under "Improve your recommendations"). It totals 57 items over 12 years. I guess if I'd bought more stuff, they'd have a better idea of what I might want.

What's your Amazon tally?


  1. 114 in probably the same number of years and disturbingly at least 75% of those purchases have been cheesy romances for my cheesy oldest daughter. I think I'll turn them all off and see what kind of lists I can generate.

  2. I've been ordering from Amazon since they started business, so hundreds, easily. I like to play with their recommendations engine and see what it will come up with, because my reading interests are so diverse. At some point it just starts randomly giving you every new book available.

    (I rarely order non-book items from Amazon.)

  3. 108 in about 7 years. I had no idea I'd shopped there so much. It was fun looking at my past purchases

  4. Oh, and maybe you should buy the pick and dress up as a dwarf for Halloween.

  5. Alecto, you're sure you're not reading those cheesy romances yourself? ;-)

    Ayse, I ordered a fair number of books over the years, until I discovered and started ordering direct from used booksellers. But now I hardly buy books at all. Too many unread ones waiting on my shelves!

    Betts, that's still a reasonable amount, I think. I know some people who've bought thousands of items through Amazon. I'll pass on the dwarf costume. Good idea, though!