Friday, September 12, 2008

Sunday brunch

I wish I'd ordered this:
Instead of this:
The first was a nice meaty pasta, the second a croque madame (brioche with bacon, gruyere and a fried egg in champagne sauce). The potatoes were good, but the croque madame was too greasy and heavy for me. I'm not saying where, because it's not their fault, really.

Have you had a disappointing meal lately?


  1. By photos alone, I would've gone with the 2nd one too. I've given up ordering in restaurants, make Hubby do it instead. I always order "wrong".

  2. Kitt

    Lol seems to happen to me often something sounds wonderful on the menu and go for it and just as I get it see something come by me and go sigh thats what I wanted!. At least if you go there again you will know what to order

  3. As I've become a better cook, I find it harder to get a good meal in a restaurant. I usually think that I could have made it better myself and cheaper too. There are a couple of restaurants that never fail to wow me.

  4. Some restaurants always seem to disappoint -- with something off-kilter somewhere along the line at each visit. Like you, if I make the wrong choice and order something that doesn't suit me but is well prepared, I don't fault the restaurant.

    Early this year, we had truly dreadful food and service to match at Boulder's Scotch Corner. I described it in a blog post ( I am sure that the owners mustered regular customers, friends and family members to write defensive comments (mostly anonymous). I tried to answer them reasonably but figured the owners instead should have taken some of my comments as constructive criticism and shaped up.

    Then, a few weeks later, the local newspaper's dining critic had some harsher words than usual ( I felt vindicated, but that post too drew a lot of comments, defending the Scotch corner and largely lambasting me again.

    I'm actually welcome such dialogue, even when visitors to the blog sharply take me to task, because I think that makes for lively interaction. IMHO, reading through the chain of comments to both posts is mildly entertaining.

  5. Vicki, it's great that you can trust him to know what you'd like better than you do!

    Jonathan, I will certainly go back, as I've had a stellar dinner there.

    Betts, that's one reason I rarely order anything I might make at home. I usually aim for the oddest thing on the menu.

    Claire, yes, if I have a truly horrible experience, I won't hesitate to say so, but usually I can find something good to say, too. The ones that are just "eh" I usually don't bother with.

    Too bad about the Scotch Corner. Before I started blogging regularly I had a horrible, I mean truly awful, experience at The Black Pearl. Had I documented it, I probably would've gotten a similar response from all the people who love the place. But I will never go back there.