Saturday, September 06, 2008

Destruction complete

You may recall I've been keeping an eye on the neighboring house that was advertised as a "Lot for Sale." When the construction fencing went up, I knew its days were numbered.

Sure enough, this morning I heard the tell-tale sounds of heavy equipment.
The morning was already well-advanced by the time I got myself caffeinated enough to wander down there with my camera and record its last moments of house-ness.

Goodbye, front door.
Farewell, picture window.
From home to rubble in a matter of hours.
I wish I could say something better will arise in its place. We'll see.


  1. A small ranch house two doors away from us that is a "non-contributing" structure in our historic district has been gutted and is being made over and expanded. The original house was nothing special, but like you, Kitt, I'm concerned that what will replace iot when all the construction complete will be "too special."

  2. I wish you could tell me the materials are being sustainably reused or recycled.

    A "non-contributing structure"? Who makes up these expressions? LOL.


  3. It always makes me sad to see older homes destroyed. Seems like such a waste. And yet many people say that a newer home will be more energy efficient. I don't know. Seems to me that after you factor in all the wasted materials, all the fuel required for demolition, all the plastic (no doubt) that will go into the new home, it just doesn't make sense. Not all progress is good. Or am I being way too romantic? The old house was adorable. Do you know when it was built?

  4. One can only wonder what's gonna land there next. . . .
    Maybe an owner with more huskies!

  5. Claire, I have hopes, but they're not too high.

    Dani, I couldn't say. I was tempted to do some scavenging myself for landscaping materials, but don't have the time or energy right now.

    Pam, I'm guessing it was built in the '40s. Yes, whatever is built will likely be much more energy-efficient, but probably not "cute."

  6. Euphreana, I think dogs are required for most homebuyers here!