Saturday, September 06, 2008

We really should call it Wine Group

I can be really bad about prepping for dinner parties. I think about what I want to make quite a bit, but the prep often is very last-minute. I dinked around all day, then started prepping in earnest late in the afternoon. Last week, Zoomie posted about the veggie bundles she'd made, and they looked really fun and easy. The photo above was taken by the Sergeant with his cellphone. "Don't you want to take pictures?" he asked. "No! Too busy!" So you can thank him for this bit of documentary evidence.

It was an all-girl party: my book group. Which I rarely can attend, as they usually meet when I'm working. I felt bad about kicking the Sergeant out of the house, so I got him a good seat at Coors Field for the Rockies game.
Again, picture from his phone. He met some people there and went for beers after.

With the veggies, I felt like a chicken and rice casserole would be just the thing. It was chilly today and I wanted old-fashioned comfort food. Something your grandmother might have taken to a church potluck. Yes, something involving cream of mushroom soup. If you really want the recipe, tell me and I'll post it later.
But right now I'm feeling the effects of lots of wine and all the other good eats that showed up. Pesto, and cream cheese with Jezebel sauce, and wine and olive bread, and frozen custard with brownies. And wine. Did I mention wine?


  1. I want the chicken and rice casserole! I am all about comfort food.

    I am joining a new book group tomorrow. They seem like great people but unfortunately they DON'T WANT to have FOOD. I think that is just plain wrong. The last book group I belonged to, a million years ago, was all about the food (and also quite serious about the books) and would plan dinners that were thematically linked to what we were reading. We had some pretty amazing meals.

  2. Kitt, glad the veggie bundles worked well for you! And the wine...

  3. Hmmm. No pictures of books at book club. Imagine!

  4. Like I said, Wine Club!

    But really I was just too wasted to post about the books. Maybe later.

  5. It's good to see that Jezz'Belle sauce is making a comeback in the right circles!