Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sad Sophie, happy Sophie

I got up early today, while Sophie slept in. She probably has figured out that when I get up early, little good can come of it.

She's partly right. Today's early rising was for a trip to the vet. She hasn't been for a year and a half, so I wanted to do a wellness check and get her a heartworm test. I had a few concerns: her teeth, her eyes, her little seizures, her weight.

She, of course, would have me think that going to the vet is an extreme betrayal of trust.

You can see it in her eyes.
But the vet gave her a clean bill of health and said most of the little things that were concerning me were just age-related and not worrisome. So we were free to move on to the next part of the morning, where Sophie's outlook improved considerably.
Most of the time I only throw the toy in to wading depth; I don't want her to get too tired. But she does like to go for a full dip ocasionally. It was warmish out, so I did a couple of longer throws.
She won't need a walk tonight!


  1. hey chopbuster, I use that soy milk maker every single day....we are soy-ified around here....we want a dog but I think its unfair to have a dog in NYC....

  2. Aw, I wasn't chopbustin! Just thinking of a gadget you do have.

    I think it depends on the dog, really, and how much time/space/energy you can give to it. A lot, preferably.

  3. I am glad Sophie is fine, Kitt! It must be a relief! Take care!

  4. That girl is the sweetest thing that EVER lived! LOL.

  5. Sophie looks very relieved that the vet visit is over. I bet you are too :-)

  6. Aww, she's a beautiful girl. I'm glad she's doing well.

  7. Her eyes speak volumes. First, "Do we really have to go in there? I feel fine." And then, "This is what I'm talkin' about. C'mon throw that thing... throw it, I say!" Glad she's healthy!

  8. I know, dg! If only she were, I dunno, a pug or something.

    It is a relief, Blue. I always worry the vet's going to check her and say, "Uh-oh."

    Thanks, Dani! I think so, too.

    JGH, she perks up the minute we walk out of the exam room. Her relief is palpable.

    Thanks, Lisa!

    Betts, she's a very good communicator!

    Summer, close! It's Chatfield. The water's better there.