Monday, September 15, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 21

For just $10 you can add to your counter clutter with this basting wand that you fill with oil, then squeeze to dispense the oil through a silicone basting brush.

Is it so hard to pour a little oil in a pan and swirl it around?

You might think that you could use this to baste oil on vegetables or poultry. But would you then set it back into the holder on your countertop until the next time you need some oil? Guess it would make a nice petrie dish for the kids to learn about bacteria and unsafe cooking practices.

So you're back to the one thing you can do with it. Oiling a pan. Yeah, so much more convenient.


  1. (Ugh.)
    We have a disposable version of one of these here at home. We call it a 'paper towel'. =D

  2. If the pan's not hot, a clean finger works pretty well and you just wipe it with a towel afterwards. Those fingers are free. I use them to butter dishes too.

  3. I'll take a dozen because when it comes to clutter I like to go all the way

  4. My youngest bought me a mini version of this, but without the holder, I actually used it (and liked it) for moistening the edges of dumpling wrappers, it kept my fingers from getting all wet-cornstarch-y. But I'd have no idea what to do with a larger one like that...

  5. Mad indeed, Beatrice!

    Euphreana, I use a little piece of paper towel, too, if I need to get the sides.

    Or my fingers, Denise!

    db, you could just stack 'em on top of the soymilk maker.

    Vicki, a smaller version I could see being useful for a task like that. Something where you might be using a pastry brush anyway, and washing it right after.

  6. How 'bout just pouring some oil in the pan and turning the pan to move it around? I love it when you find these goofy things!

  7. Zoomie, my thought exactly. Pour and swirl.

    Glad you like my silly gadgets!