Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boatload of Snoopies

My hard drive is filling up and I needed to go through and delete some photos. I forgot about the Snoopy Boat! Someone who lives on the road to Cave Point Park in Door County, Wis., had a little time on his or her hands, a creative spark and a sense of humor.

The Snoopies are made of plastic jugs, both bodies and heads. I snapped just a couple of close-ups because the uncles were patiently waiting for me.
Aren't they awesome? Kitschy but clever.


  1. Finally got your page to load again. I would hate to have missed the Snoopies... entirely too clever.

    Which reminds me... can you give me the link to the post you had about photo download speed analysis programs? I can't find it here. Thanks!

    Happy Sunday!


  2. Dani, it's SiteTimer. Was my site note loading for you?

    Thanks, mimi! I have fun with it.