Monday, September 01, 2008

Death-wish poodle

You may recall Lannie and Leo's last visit, which featured a trip to the emergency room after Leo pulled a loaf of rising bread dough off the counter and ate the whole thing.

Imagine my horror when I found this kerchief in the middle of the living room floor, after he pulled it out of a pile in the laundry room. Because it's not just a kerchief: It's filled with crystals that absorb water and expand. You soak it and then wear it around your neck to stay cool. The crystals keep it damp.

"Oh, shit!!!!" I said when I saw it there. "Not again!"

Luckily for Leo, he hadn't actually chewed it up; the crystals were still safely encased. But he sense my displeasure and refused to sit up for a picture of his malfeasance.


  1. he looks really guilty. It's okay, he won't follow through... it's just a cry for attention! lol

  2. you can't be too careful. they do have their own unique personalities.

  3. Dogs always figure out the eventuality you didn't plan for! I once found my Springer on top of the dining room table, calmly eating whatever I had put there to keep it out of range. And the chairs weren't even pulled out - she "sprang" up!

  4. Oh yeah, I remember that dough post. . .
    Sometimes poodles just seem to know exactly what you don't want them to eat. (Or more exactly, what they know they shouldn't be eating.) :D

  5. We had a boxer knock over, break open and consume an entire jar of skippy peanut butter. Including the glass jar. She lived.

  6. He's an awesome dog, Cara. Awesomely naughty ;-)

    Mimi, problem is he would follow through, given half a chance.

    mbp, he's got personality all right!

    Zoomie, they don't call 'em Springers for nothing, eh?

    John, that's what I said!

    Euphreana, smarts and naughtiness are a dangerous combination, for sure.

    Alecto, wow! That's amazing.