Sunday, September 21, 2008

The early bird gets the dim sum

If you get there right when they open, there's no problem getting a table. Wait an hour, and you'll have to stand there hungry until someone leaves.

We had all the usual fare, plus something new to me, a sweet tofu that looked like custard. The server skims it off the top of a pot in sheets and ladles it into a bowl, and gives you another bowl of sweet palm syrup to put over it. The tofu didn't taste like much, but I liked the texture and the sweetness.


  1. chinatown here in NYC has street vendors that sell the tofu you mentioned, its nice and creamy and sweet with the syrup

  2. Which dim sum-eteria was this?

    Claire @

  3. Kitt, I love-love your selection! That shrimp dumpling, pork dumpling, char-siu bao...!!Classic.....
    Hmmm... yum... I should have dim sum soon too!

  4. That's cool, db. I hadn't seen that kind of tofu before. Must be a southern Chinese thing.

    Claire, it's East Ocean in Alameda, Calif.

    It was good dim sum, blue! I grabbed everything that looked good and was not disappointed.