Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 22

Whoops! Suddenly it's Tuesday night and I forgot to do a Silly Gadget post! (I try to do them on Monday morning.) Luckily, Vicki from A Work in Progress came to my rescue and sent me a link to the Squeezy Tea Bag Squeezer. As Vicki said, "I've always heard that you shouldn't squeeze your teabags because that'll make it bitter ... So not only a uni-tasker, but it makes your tea yucky."

Thanks, Vicki! Couldn't have said it any better myself.

Anyone out there a tea drinker? Would you be tempted by this $6.50 gadget? (Down from $13!)


  1. Hi Kitt - Glad I could help! A week without a silly gadget is...well..just not the same :)

  2. I dunno...it's called a Squeasy. Just a little too close to queasy for me!

  3. I do sort of actually like this one. I am one of those souls who drinks gallons of tea a month and yes, I do squeeze. *hangs head in shame*

  4. I call gadgets like this "solutions for nonexistent problems".

    Rick in VT

  5. I wouldn't want it if it was given to me.

    I introduced my husband to your blog, and I see he couldn't resist commenting. He told me you had a great blog and a good eye for an image. I have to agree.

  6. Wait, isn't that what spoons and the string on each tea bag are for? Squeazing? Why would you pay money for this?

  7. Well, if you will use it, Mimi, go for it!

    Rick, for most of us non-squeezers, that's spot on. Glad you like my blog! I have fun with it.

    Kath, that's what I was thinking. A spoon works just fine, especially if you're also stirring in milk, sugar, honey or lemon.