Monday, September 08, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 20

Yes, I know, sometimes you decide you want to marinate something for dinner, but you didn't plan ahead and don't have time to let things sit in the marinade for more than 10 minutes. What to do? You can opt for a brief marinade, or let the marinating dish sit until tomorrow's dinner, or you can shell out $150 for the Reveo Food Tumbler!

This is a tool for "serious cooks," as the marketing copy reads. I'll say. Seriously rich cooks.

Here's how it works: "A commercial vacuum pump creates an incredible level of marinade absorption as it pulls air out from the barrel, tumbles and stretches the food's fibers, drawing marinades to the core of your food. The large barrel fits a whole chicken or roast, so invite your friends."

It's dishwasher safe and comes with with a one-year warranty. What more could you ask for?

Thanks to Kyla at OHC: Omnivore Herbivore Carnivore for pointing me to Skymall for a rich source of silly kitchen gadgets.


  1. I cant keep up with your posts....this gadget is hilarious, I saw an ad for it just this weekend....

  2. Restaurants use this sort of thing a lot, though, to speed up prep times. But it's funny to see a tiny one.

  3. If a cook can't let something marinate for ten (10) minutes, there are serious timing issues in that kitchen.

    Instead of (or in addition to) marinating, some cooks inject some of the marinade into the meat or poultry or even thick fish steaks. A kitchen gadget kind of like a hypodermic needle does the trick and is a lot cheaper (and probably easier to clean) than this "hyper-marinater."

    But me? I'd rather stall and give it the full 10 minutes.

    Claire @

  4. db, I'm a posting fool, I guess!

    dg, I can totally see this on an industrial scale, but not for the home cook.

    Dani,I think you misread. This is supposedly for those who only have 10-minutes but want something that really should marinate for a day or more. I do have a marinating syringe, though so far I've only used it for Nutella injections.