Thursday, September 11, 2008

One little Indian boy

I notice a lot of cool, old signs when I'm out and about, but it took a passenger to find the Best One Ever. When I was driving to the hardware store the other day, the Sergeant said, "Oh my God! Stop the car!"

We were just pulling onto South Colorado Boulevard, a busy thoroughfare that requires full driving attention. Which explains why I'd never seen this animated relic still drumming away outside a moribund carpet store.
And I do mean drumming. There's still power running to it. Here's a video of it in action:

What a contrast with the satellite TV billboard that towers above it. And how times have changed since 1954, when no one said "Native American" or thought twice about using insulting stereotypes as logos.


  1. i've noticed this one before...
    i think denver has some of the most interesting old signs.
    i hope they stick around...

  2. Mimi, I asked when I back to shoot better video, and they said the sign hadn't worked for years, but then they fixed it last year (though without replacing the drumsticks). Reportedly it's on a timer now, so it doesn't run 24/7.

    Risa, we really should document them! The Billy's Inn sign used to be much more wretched and interesting, but then they went and spruced it up. It's kind of boring now.